Visual Anthropology - Arjeplog

In 2017-2018 I lived in Arjeplog, in the North of Sweden, for my PhD fieldwork. Along with the 35mm photography I did during my year there, I also used a number of experimental techniques as an anthropological method in my explorations of landscape, environment, and weather in Arjeplog. My research is about local experience of the environment, and how it is important to understand local perceptions and knowledges in the context of national and global environmental discourses.

In order to learn about ways of being in the nature in Arjeplog, and relationships to nature and to place, I wanted to be more creative with photographic processes and play with different techniques of materiality. I explored the physical spaces of photography, both inside the camera and on tabletops and exhibition spaces - using my own and my partipants’ images in elicitation sessions. This allowed me to use the ‘discursive space’ of the exhibition, as Bourriaurd describes, to use my own practice to better understand local representations of nature and what was important to show about life in this place, and in this nature.

I also explored the idea of tracks as an artistic devise, using techniques including cyanotypes (to explore the material trace interaction of object, light, and photographic surface) and pinhole cameras left in place as part of the local landscape to record the tracks of the sun over time. Below are some examples of these practices.

Flora Bartlett footsteps on ice tracks.jpg
Galtis snowboarder_.jpg
marianne looking at the book.jpg
Untitled (3) copy.jpg
Flora Bartlett tracks 5.jpg