I am a photographer currently based in Sweden, conducting fieldwork for my PhD in Visual Anthropology (Goldsmiths, University of London).  

In my fine art work I shoot entirely on film, mostly 35mm. I like the ways in which the texture, grain, and colours of the given film characterise the images, and I love the magic of the chemistry. It brings nostalgia into the grain of the image and it is, for me, what makes photography special.  

In my anthropology and art practice I am trying to understand the relationships with nature and climate in Arjeplog, in Northern Sweden. Photography is a tool to help me explore these themes together with participants, and I have shown an exhibition in Arjeplog as well as experimenting with older techniques including cyanotypes and photograms. My previous work in Sweden also includes my Midsommar series and Livet på gården. 

Previous and ongoing clients include Somerset House Trust, Somerset House Studios, The Francis Gahan Band, Ändebols Gård, MARGUERITE, Arjeplognytt, and IKWRO. I have had work shown in Lantliv, VICE, The Daily Mirror, Portrait Salon 2015, Arts Council England, Reuters, and The Wall St International.